Macrocyclic Emitters

Triplet-active Macrocycle

In Ray’s research group, students actively explore and develop macrocycles with TADF/RTP features—an intriguing area of study at the intersection of chemistry and photonics. Macrocyclic compounds, distinguished by their cyclic structures with confined space, offer unique advantages in luminescent materials. The group focuses on functionalizing macrocyclic structures, enabling the fine-tuning of their triplet harnessing properties. Their goal is to tailor the materials for targeted applications by introducing specific functional segments, thereby enhancing their versatility and performance.

Energy Cascade

The potential applications of triplet-active cages encompass a broad spectrum of fields. From sensing and energy cascade to light-emitting devices, Ray’s research group endeavors to unveil the practical utility of these materials in real-world scenarios. Leveraging supramolecular chemistry, the group delves into the encapsulation of guest molecules to establish dynamic systems. This research avenue introduces opportunities for efficient energy harvesting and light-emitting materials through energy transfer, triplet fusion/annihilation (energy cascade), and photocatalytic applications. Here, changes in the host environment influence energy and/or electron transfer behavior..

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